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LSL Wiki : llCollisionSprite

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llCollisionSprite(string impact_sprite)

Replaces the default collision sprites (the orange particles you see when an object bumps into something/is bumped into) with a specified texture from the object's inventory or any texture's key. impact_sprite may also be a key. If a key is specified, the texture does not have to be in the object's inventory.

To suppress the default collision sprites, use an empty string for impact_sprite or set llCollisionSound's impact_volume to 0. (Yes, llCollisionSound affects llCollisionSprite.)

Compare with llCollisionSound.

Warning. With the deprecation of the old particle systems, collision sprites have been removed also, and therefore this function is broken. It is believed that this is unintentional, and that they are not intended to be removed. (JIRA issue for this: VWR-322)

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