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LSL Wiki : llPlaySound

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llPlaySound(string sound, float volume)

This function plays the sound file defined by sound (which may be either the key or name of the sound file--if it is in the prim's inventory). volume is a normalized float between 0 and 1 (if a volume is specified greater then 1 it's set to 1).

A script can only have one sound playing using llPlaySound; subsequent calls will be ignored until the first sound has stopped playing, unless llSetSoundQueueing has been enabled, in which case one sound will be queued and played as soon as the currently playing sound ends. This function returns immediately.

Sounds started with llPlaySound can be stopped using llStopSound. The volume of sounds started with llPlaySound or llLoopSound can be adjusted using llAdjustSoundVolume.

Note:No they can't. At least in version 1.16, llStopSound will not stop sounds started with llPlaySound. IT does work on llLoopSound, though. - WarKirby Magojiro 05/26/2007
Worx again since 1.17.1 -Altern8McMillan

Sounds played with llPlaySound and llLoopSound (and the master/slave versions of these functions) "stick" to the object playing the sound. That is, if a long sound is started with llPlaySound, and then the object moves away, the sound will grow fainter. Compare this to llTriggerSound and llTriggerSoundLimited where the sound stays at the location it was first played.

If llPlaySound is used in an attached HUD object, the sound will only be heard by the user wearing the HUD. Additionally, if the user is over land that is set to restrict sound from entering or leaving the parcel, the sound will not be heard at all. To play a sound from a HUD and have others hear it, use llTriggerSound instead.

Note: A call to llPlaySound() where the sound to be played is unavailable (ie. referenced by name but is not present in the object's inventory, or by a non-valid key) will delay the calling script by one (1.0) second. - Cross Lament 01/19/2007

PlaySound(string sound, float volume)
{//not fool proof but pretty reasonable for avoiding the 1.0 second delay if it does not exist
    else if(llGetInventoryType(sound) == INVENTORY_SOUND);
    llPlaySound(sound, volume);
}//Written by Strife Onizuka

Q: Is there a way of finding out when the playback of a sound started with llPlaySound() ended? That would be useful for playing back playlists of sounds with the sound queue (i.e. queue another sound when one has ended).

A: Unfortunately, the only way to do this is to preload and wait, then use a timer set to the clip length. Sounds are not played globally synced, they preload onto each machine based on ping and available network bandwidth, and without sufficient preloading no two clients will hear the same sound at the same time unless it is already cached.

Note: There appears to be a bug with llPlaySound() on attatchments, it will play from the owner's cache(may be limited to creator, none of my customer's have reported this, but several other content devs have reported it in their own wares in their testing) at random seconds, or minutes later. No other avatars reported hearing the unplanned sounds in my, or the other developers' testing, using llTriggerSound() instead seems to have fixed the problem completely.

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