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LSL Wiki : LSL101

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LSL 101

The Complete Newbie's Guide to Scripting in Second Life

Table of Contents

Foreword: Using This Wiki
Hello, Avatar! A Simple Script, Line By Line
States And Events
Syntax Revisited
An Introduction to Primitive Parameters
The Simple Poseball


Do's and Don't's of Scripting
Common Errors
Solutions To Challenges

Welcome to the LSL wiki! If you're unsure how you got here, don't be afraid - this guide is made just for you.

LSL is a (mostly) clear and straightforward language. The way it's structured and how it's written make sense and provide for easy readability regardless of prior programming experience. Whether your final goal is a simple sound script or a chess computer, this guide will help you get your feet wet.

If you have no coding experience, don't worry! This guide is written with that in mind. If you're already an expert coder, especially with C++, click here for the quick and dirty guide.

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