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LSL Wiki : DirtyMcLean

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Dirty McLean
- Music producer, codemonkey, and love machine (but not necessarily in that order)
- Admires those who teach for free (then pities those who get what they paid for)
- Once ate 2 Grand Slam breakfasts in a single sitting, sans the eggs (they were runny)

Things everyone should know:

Bugs / Annoyances:

Requests / Wishlist:


Event Guide for Attachments:

attach from inventory attach from ground drop attachment to ground teleport while attached
on_rez? YES NO NO NO
attach? YES YES YES NO
changed? NO NO NO YES

llHTTPRequest Example:

//by Dirty McLean
//June 30, 2006
//Use freely!

default {
    state_entry() {
        //replace this url with your own
        string url = "";
        //set params to [] for GET requests
        list params = [HTTP_METHOD,"POST",HTTP_MIMETYPE,"application/x-www-form-urlencoded"];
        //set the body to your list of variables separated by semicolons
        string body = "var1=test1&var2=test2";
        llOwnerSay("Requesting "+url);
    http_response(key query, integer status, list meta, string body) {
        //say the page title only
        string title;
        list split = llParseString2List(body,["<title>", "</title>"],[]);
        if (llGetListLength(split) > 1) title = llList2String(split,1);
        else title = "unknown";
        llOwnerSay("Page title: "+title);

        //say each line received
        list lines = llParseString2List(body,["\r\n", "\r", "\n"],[]);
        integer i = 0;
        integer len = llGetListLength(lines);
        for (;i<len;++i) llOwnerSay(llList2String(lines,i));

You can test the above code with the following PHP script:
echo $_POST['var1']."\r\n";
echo $_POST['var2']."\r\n";

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