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LSL Wiki : llStopAnimation

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llStopAnimation(string anim)

Stops the animation anim. In order for this to work, the script must have the PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION
permission on an avatar. See llRequestPermissions and llGetPermissions for more information on permissions.

Like llStartAnimation, anim must be in the prim's inventory. Except for built-in animations and unlike llStartAnimation, llStopAnimation can also stop an animation by key.

It is usually good practice to check llGetPermissions before calling this function. Otherwise this message might appear:
"Script trying to stop animations but PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION permission not set".

Note: while the official docs and editor help tool tip claim: "This function stops animation anim for the avatar that owns the object.", that is incorrect; as long as permissions have been granted, any avatar's animations can be stopped using llStopAnimation.

See animation for a current list of animation names.

ExampleAnimationScript shows an example of this function's use (it is the freely-distributed animation script many people use).

To start an animation, use llStartAnimation.

Q: Can llStopAnimation accept a key to an animation to stop an animation? (See llGetAnimationList.)
A: Yes, even though llStartAnimation does not accept keys.

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