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LSL Wiki : llGetLocalPos

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vector llGetLocalPos()

Gets the position of a child object in object-local coordinates, which are relative to the child's parent object.

If the script is inside the parent, or in an unlinked object, it will return the same value as llGetPos would.

ExampleGetRootPos shows an example of its use.

As of SL 1.7, llGetLocalPos will work with attachments, including HUD attachments. The value returned (in the root prim) is relative to the attachment point and not the position of the avatar. When used in the child of an object attached to an avatar, it will return the position of the child relative to the root in object-local coordinates

There is no llSetLocalPos() function; instead, llSetPos works fine.

To get the local rotation of a prim, use llGetLocalRot().

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