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LSL Wiki : ButtonPusherJones

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bUTTONpUSHER Jones must conform to WakkaWiki capitalization. meh.

also, monkey.

Current project: PetProtocol

below is a collection of rotation scripts, aka "bp's bane"

// rotate texture to avatar's direction
    collision(integer num_detected)
        vector fDir = llRot2Euler(llDetectedRot(num_detected - 1));
        fDir.z -= PI_BY_TWO;
        llRotateTexture(fDir.z, 0);

Move a specific distance in some direction
Move a specific distance in some direction.
    touch_start(integer total_number)
        llSetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS, TRUE); // make it physical so it will move

        // pick a random direction in the XY (ground) plane
        float z_angle = llFrand(360); // random degrees. 360 degrees is full circle
        vector eul = <0,0,z_angle>; // degrees around the z-axis, in Euler form
//        llOwnerSay("eul is " + (string)eul);
        eul *= DEG_TO_RAD; //convert to radians
        rotation quat = llEuler2Rot(eul); //convert to quaternion

        // move some distance in that direction
        vector offset_distance = <5,0,0>; // <5,0,0> means we want to move 5 meters.
        vector offset_position = offset_distance * quat; // find the position 5 meters in the direction we previously chose
//        llOwnerSay("offset_position is " + (string)offset_position);
        vector final_position = llGetPos() + offset_position; // add the offset position to the current position
//        llOwnerSay("final_position is " + (string)final_position);
        llMoveToTarget(final_position, 10); // move there over the next 10 seconds.
        // this could all be done in one line
//        llMoveToTarget((llGetPos() + <5,0,0>*llEuler2Rot(<0,0,llFrand(360)>*DEG_TO_RAD)), 10);


more rotations to illustrate
* how to transform right (or up, etc) to forward
* how to rotate around 1 axis to nearest lookat
* how to zero X and Y while keeping same Z rotation (how to rotate around 2 axes to nearest lookat?)
* how to rotate child prim around root prim
* how to rotate child prim around arbitrary point (this is a move and rotate)
* how to rotate child prim around it's own center
* how to rotate an arbitrary point of a child object (as an offset, eg. the top face of a box) around another arbitrary point
* get the rotation of the avatar
* get the rotation of the camera

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