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LSL Wiki : llSetHoverHeight

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llSetHoverHeight(float height, integer water, float tau);

Damps a physical object to height over tau seconds. The height is above ground if water is FALSE, otherwise above ground and water; has no effect on a non-physical object. Setting height to zero disables the effects of this function.

Do not use with vehicles.
Q: Could you please explain? It's used in some Linden vehicles and is included in their original vehicle tutorial.
A: It is? I thought llSetVehicleFloatParam(VEHICLE_HOVER_HEIGHT, float) "deprecated" llSetHoverHeight for vehicles... where is this tutorial located? -Chris

Q: Does this have the same distance constraints as llMoveToTarget, which also critically damps an object to a location? --JarhynWilde
A: I beleive the max height on this is either 64m or 100m -- BW
A2: In tests it looked like there is a maximum difference (apparently 64m) with the current height the function will react to. (Additionally: if you give it a larger difference, a possible current damping movement stops immediately). --IoneLameth

To actually find out how high the ground is at a given location, use llGround.

Compare with llGroundRepel

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