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LSL Wiki : Water

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Simulators have a static water level. If land is raised above this level, water is covered. If land is lowered below this level, the water becomes visible. Water level is not the same for every simulator, which allows for a diverse set of terraforming possibilities per simulator.

The water level can be determined by using the llWater function. Whether or not the water is visible on a point on the ground can be determined by comparing the result from llWater on the point and llGround on the point; if the former result is greater, then water is visible.

The "ripple water" setting in SL's preferences is purely a client-side visual effect and does not influence the sim's water height. Also note that it does not work for all video cards, and that it will make vehicles that float on the water look goofy.

Water doesn't influence the movement of objects or avatars. At some point, possibly around SL 1.2 or 1.3, water began to muffle sound.

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