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Protocol Exchange

I have added this page to allow scripters to communicate between their programs and 3rd parties, without having to open the scripts up to the public domain, also to be used for specifying standards for script communication. -AdamZaius

Listing New Entries

This page covers protocols defined by scripts that they wish others to be able to interact with. All entries in this index should be named in a common format: exchangeScriptName, such as exchangeGigasVendor, this is to prevent cluttering legitimate pages (like the library).

Why I should post my protocol?

You don't have to. However, if you plan on having other scripters improve on your scripts, without having to see the scripts themselves, this can be a great way of doing it. It also improves compatibility between products (such as a FooBar that can connect to a BarFoo, and perform some interaction).

What information do I need to include?

Any information relevant to communicating, this should include chat channels for objects that use listens, or the specific format of link messages. Example scripts that can extend your script through these communication protocols are a definite bonus.

Script Name Version Author Date Added Last Update
exchangePowerWordKill 1.0 Abo Koba December 9, 2007 December 9, 2007
Gigas Vendor 1.1 Adam Zaius, Nexus Nash December 23, 2004 December 23, 2004
Pet Protocol 0.32 bUTTONpUSHER Jones December 23, 2004 December 23, 2004
Lockmeister System 1.2 Kyrah Abattoir July 7, 2005 October 12, 2008
LSL.php 0.1 December 25, 2004 December 25, 2004
Mini Second Logo 0.1 Bob Bauhaus March 17, 2005 March 17, 2005
Touch-Link Transfer Protocol 0.32a JesradSeraph October 12, 2005 October 12, 2005
Tight List Markup Language 0.33f Strife Onizuka October 12, 2005 October 12, 2005
Chat Extension Protocol 1.0 Christopher Omega April 1, 2006 April 1, 2006
Script Module "Protocol" 1.0 Christopher Omega July 2, 2006 July 2, 2006
Simple Link Protocol 1.0 Dale Glass May 2, 2006 May 2, 2006
Simple HTTPREQ Cruncher 0.9 Max Case July 8, 2006 July 8, 2006
Second Simple Syndication (SSS Feeds) 1.0 Dedric Mauriac July 16, 2006 July 27, 2006
LockGuard Specification 2.0 Lillani Lowell August 17, 2006 September 5, 2006
TrustNet API 1.0 Dale Glass October 22, 2006 October 22, 2006
Tool Discovery 1.0 Dale Glass December 27, 2006 December 27, 2006
SecondNet Transmissions Protocol 0.1 CartmanNoel July 2, 2007 July 2, 2007
Anatomic Access 0.1 EliotHesse January 25, 2009 January 25, 2009
Object Serialization Protocol for passing objects through Notecards/DB/Channels 0.0 SalahzarStenvaag December 23, 2007
Cool Hud Protocol 2.0 HenriBeauchamp November 14, 2008

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