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This protocol is currently used in my particle generator. It's also intended to be used in future works. Other people are welcome to use it, and to write scripts that interoperate with mine.

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The num argument of llMessageLinked is used to specify the destination script. The number encodes in hex the script's creator, script number, and script function. The other arguments are used to pass data for the script. The script number is decoded as follows: 0xCCCCSSFF, where CCCC = Creator, SS = Script, FF = Function.

For instance, number 0x44770100 decodes as: Creator 0x4477 (Dale Glass), Script 01 (Speaker), Function 00 (Display message).

List of Creators

0x4477Dale Glass

List of Scripts for Dale Glass

0x00ReservedUsed in pattern script as default, script fails if used to force choosing a script number
0x01SpeakerGenerates messages using specified method: say, whisper, etc
0x02Message ParserParses user commands, sends link messages to other scripts to perform the actions
0x03Particle GeneratorGenerates particle effects
0x04Demo ModeInterfaces with Notecard Loader, loading cards at an interval
0x05Link Message DebuggerHelper script that dumps link messages
0x06Notecard LoaderLoads notecards, feeds the lines into the Message Parser
0x07Particle RandomizerRandomly tweaks values in Particle Generator
0xFFGlobal FunctionsReserved for debug functions handled by all the scripts


This script produces messages for all the other ones. The other scripts never produce any output directly, sending it instead through the Speaker. This allows to easily control the output type for all the other scripts, or to silence it completely.

0x00SayMessageUnusedOutputs message specified in striing using the current output method
0x01TypeMessage typeUnusedSets the type of output: whisper, say, shout, owner, instant, debug or none. The current default is "owner" (llOwnerSay)
0x02ChannelChannelUnusedSets the channel for the message types that use it

Message Parser

The message parser is the controlling script in my objects. It parses commands and sends link messages to other scripts to perform the work. The ID used for it will remain constant through all my future scripts, although the function performed will be different. This way, some things like for instance the Notecard Loader can be reused as-is in future works.

0x00ParseMessageUnusedParse the passed message as if it was typed

Particle Generator

0x00EnableUnusedUnusedEnables the generator
0x01DisableUnusedUnusedDisables the generator. The configuration is kept
0x02TargetUnusedTargetMakes the particles target the specified key
0x03Set variableDataUnusedData is formatted as follows: var + "|" + arg1 + "|" + arg2 + "|" + arg3. The separators are required even if the argument is empty
0x04Set patternPatternUnusedSets the particle pattern. The argument is the numeric value that would be passed to llParticleSystem
0x05Show statusTypeFormatType is the dump type, "config" or "lsl". Format is the dump format for the "config" type: "condensed" or "long"
0x06Set textureTextureUnusedArgument is the texture's name or key
0x07Enable variable change messagesUnusedUnusedEnables notification when a variable changes
0x08Disable variable change messagesUnusedUnusedDisables notification when a variable changes
0x09Get variableCallbackVariable nameSends the variable's value with the "num" specified in the string
0x0ASet rotationRotationUnusedCalls llTargetOmega with the rotation in the string (values joined with "|")

Demo Mode

This script works together with the notecard loader. It scans the object's inventory for notecards starting with "config_" and asks the Notecard Loader to load them.

0x00Set messageMessageUnusedSets the message to be displayed on top of the object when in demo mode
0x01StartIntervalUnusedStarts the demo mode. The argument is the number of seconds to wait between each card
0x02StopUnusedUnusedLeaves the demo mode

Link Message Debugger

This is a debug helper script. It has no functions of its own, except the global ones (though it some day might get some). It listens for link messages and outputs them to the Speaker. Messages with the ID of the Speaker script, and string starting with "LINK:" are ignored, to avoid outputting its own output.

Notecard Loader

This script handles the loading of notecards. Its function is reading the cards, and feeding the output to the Message Parser. Each line is processed in this way:

First, it splits the line using the ":" separator, and throws out the first element in the list if there's more than one. This allows copy/pasting output from the message window into a notecard and have it load correctly without manual output. That is, this turns "Object: command" into "command".

Next, it splits the line using the "|" separator. Each element of the resulting list is processed as an individual line. This is done to work around the slowness of the dataserver. This is optional, and the loader will handle one command per line fine.

Finally, each line is fed to the Message Parser.

0x00Load cardCard nameUnusedStarts loading the specified notecard. The passed name will be appended to "config_" (that is, a request to load "test" will load "config_test"). If a card is already being loaded, then the command will be rejected, and an error message produced
0x01Set callbackCallback numberUnusedSets the notecard load completion callback. Each call will overwrite the value set by the previous one. If called, the Notecard Loader will send a link message using the specified number to notify the interested party that the card finished loading.

Global Functions

All the scripts respond to them, at once. Some may be unrecognized by older scripts. Unrecognized commands will result in a whisper of "Unrecognized reserved link command".

0x00VersionUnusedUnusedDisplays script name and version
0x01MemoryUnusedUnusedShows the available amount of memory
0x02ResetUnusedUnusedResets the script
0x03Enable debugUnusedUnusedEnables debug mode. Some scripts will produce extra messages
0x04Disable debugUnusedUnusedDisables debug mode

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