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LSL Wiki : exchangeGigasVendor

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Gigas Vendor (aka oVendor)

Note: This information is depreciated as of the 2.0 vendor model, it is only compatible with the 1.0 and 1.1 vendors, A new version of this information for the new model will be provided shortly.

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Button Scripts

Link Messages

Std. Button Names

Recieves Integer String Key Response
Set Texture Face 700 Name of Button Texture UUID None
Set Alpha Face 701 Name of Button Typecast Float (0.0 to 1.0) None
Ping 702 Name of Button Typecast "PING" "PONG"

Sends (Event) Integer String Key
On Touch 800 Name of Button Key of Button


Inventory Script

Link Messages

Recieves Integer String Key Notes
Retrieve Item Info 1100 CATALOGUE_NEXT Unused Triggers all sends for next item
Retrieve Item Info 1100 CATALOGUE_PREV Unused Triggers all sends for previous item
Retrieve Item Info 1100 CATALOGUE_FIRST Unused Triggers all sends for first item
Retrieve Item Info 1100 CATALOGUE_LAST Unused Triggers all sends for last item

Sends (Event) Integer String Key
Inventory Request 1001 'NAME' Typecast of name
Inventory Request 1002 'DESC' Typecast of description
Inventory Request 1003 'PREVIEW' Typecast of Texture UUID
Inventory Request 1004 'NOTECARD' Typecast of Notecard
Inventory Request 1005 'CATALOGUE' Typecast of Catalogue Key
Inventory Request 1006 'CATALOGUE_NAME' Typecast of Catalogue Name
Inventory Request 1007 'PRICE' Typecast of Price
Inventory Request 1008 'GROUP_PRICE' Typecast of llSameGroup() Price

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