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Here are some informative pages geared towards helping you get started with LSL.

Tutorial Description
LSL101 If you've never programmed before, this tutorial is for you.
Crash Course A general overview of programming, targeted at LSL; each chapter builds on previous concepts.
Tutorial A basic tutorial that covers what a script is, functions, code blocks and style, though it is only one page long.
Vehicle Tutorial A reformatted and updated version of the original Linden Vehicle Tutorial.
Autonomous Objects Information, techniques and tips on creating moving objects.
Jukebox Tutorial Step-by-step jukebox music player construction - A short training course in basic scripting to create a music player. Offers basic knowledge of programming in LSL and how everything works.
rotations and quaternions A useful forum thread with tips and tricks
A New Hampshire Coder in Linden Lab's Court An article on discussing software engineering strategies for LSL
Second Life scripting forums Lots of useful information in the forums. Go, use search, and learn.
Configuring LSL Scripts Using a Notecard Walkthrough on configuring a script with a notecard.
Peter Nelson's Guide to LSL A tutorial aimed at new scripters. Introduces the basics of LSL and a few common commands in a fast-paced tutorial.
ExampleTicTacToe Five step guide to building a game
Since not everyone finds these useful or accessible there is now a list of scripting teachers available.

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