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LSL Wiki : llSetObjectPermMask

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llSetObjectPermMask( integer mask, integer value )

- integer mask
Which mask the function will alter the permissions.

- integer value
Which permissions will be added.

Note: This function can only be executed in God Mode.

Base permissions are the permissions the object has when it was given to the current owner. In theory, no other mask can have more permissions then the base. If they do then this is a bug in permissions and should be reported.

Mask Value Description
MASK_BASE 0 Changes the object's base permissions
MASK_OWNER 1 Changes the permissions the current owner has.
MASK_GROUP 2 Changes the permissions the object's active group has.
MASK_EVERYONE 3 Changes the permissions everyone has on the object.
MASK_NEXT 4 Changes the permissions the next owner has.
These are not bitflags! They can not be OR'ed

Permissions Value (Hex) Description
PERM_ALL 0x7FFFFFFF Set Move/Modify/Copy/Transfer permissions
PERM_COPY 0x00008000 Set Copy permission
PERM_MODIFY 0x00004000 Set Modify permission
PERM_MOVE 0x00080000 Set Move permission
PERM_TRANSFER 0x00002000 Set Transfer permission
Do note that ((PERM_COPY | PERM_MODIFY | PERM_MOVE | PERM_TRANSFER) is not the same as PERM_ALL). This is because there may (read as: will) be more permissions in the future.
To retrieve the inventory item's permission for the mask, see llGetInventoryPermMask.
To retrieve the object's permission mask, see llGetObjectPermMask.
Compare with llSetInventoryPermMask.(not implemented)

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