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ACTIVE is a bitflag constant used in the llDetectedType, llSensor, and llSensorRepeat functions, and sensor event, with a value of 2. An "active" object either has a running script in its inventory or is currently being affected by physical forces (i.e. it is in motion).

In my testing, the ACTIVE flag seems unrelated to the presence of a script. The SCRIPTED constant seems to work as one might expect. -ReadyJack
Most scripts aren't constantly processing, so this would be true. They define running as executing commands, not as having an open listener, or events. -KeknehvPsaltery

Andrew Linden, 10/25/05: We used to distinquish between "active scripts" -- scripts that had timers or other events that needed to be polled on a regular basis such as timer() and listen(), and "inactive scripts" -- scripts that only had events that were triggered from outside stimuli such as touch() and collision(). (This is internal LL developer lingo which tends to leak out into our public documents.)

The old "inactive scripts" category is not reported now, so scripts that only toggle phantom or start animations on sit are now included in the "active script" total. As far as I know there are still two lists of scripts in the new scheduler, those that need to be polled and those that don't. The new scheduler is definitely more efficient than the old one.

"Active" can also refer to a user's active group.

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