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LSL Wiki : FutureRevisions

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This page contains highly probable future revisions to LSL and function that were hinted at but never implemented. They are substantiated by correspondence from LL or from material provided by them in one form or another.

Unimplemented Functions:

Function Use Time frame
llTeleportAgent Teleport Agent to specified position on the grid 1.9.x -> 2.0
llRefreshPrimURL Refresh the URL for the web page shown on the sides of the object 1.9 -> 2.0
llSetPrimURL Updates the URL for the web page shown on the sides of the object 1.9 -> 2.0
llSetForSale dynamically set the price and sell type of an object Unknown
llSetObjectPermMask Set object permissions Unknown
llSetInventoryPermMask Set inventory permissions Unknown
llSetForSale, llSetObjectPermMask and llSetInventoryPermMask will presumably be implemented when permissions are overhauled. The Lindens have stated this would happen in 1.7, but that has already come and gone. They may appear in a future version, but for now, the permissions overhaul has been put on the back burner.

Unimplemented Constants:

Constant Value Use User
PERMISSION_REMAP_CONTROLS 8 permission to remap agent's controls. Anyone
PERMISSION_RELEASE_OWNERSHIP 64 permission to release ownership.
the concept of public objects has been removed from SL
PERMISSION_CHANGE_JOINTS 256 permission to change joints. Owner
PERMISSION_CHANGE_PERMISSIONS 512 permission to change (object/inventory?) permissions. Owner
unknown 1 unknown Anyone
unknown 1024 < Value unknown Anyone

Also see past Revisions.


llSetForSale(integer price, integer type) someone please correct the syntax for this

Dynamically set the price and sell type of an object.

This one was considered a risk for no-copy items, I think they're either still researching it or have nixed it. - Ice


llTeleportAgent(key avatar, string simname, vector position, vector lookat)

Teleports avatar to global position offset from simname's region corner with the avatar looking at lookat. Requires permission.

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