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LSL Wiki : transform

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A transform, or transformation, is when a vertex, polygon, primitive, or linked object is manipulated via translation, rotation, or scaling.

Position | Rotation | Scale
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Considering there are no functions to directly manipulate vertiecies & polygons; and all linked objects are primitives; why is this page linked from the main page? This page doesn't explain anything beyond a definition, doesn't list functions. I'm removing the link from the homepage.
-- BlindWanderer (2005-03-21 15:06:35)
I tire of having to go a few levels deep just to find transformation functions. I COULD put all such functions here but felt it was better to have the separate pages list them instead. Transformation is a VERY basic 3D function and, thus, is most indeed relevant on the home page; RE-adding it back...
-- EepQuirk (2005-03-21 18:53:50)
Maybe refrence and not functions is a better column for it? (innocent question)
-- BlindWanderer (2005-03-22 09:56:25)
I suppose, but transformation IS just about's just a broader category for the 3 groups of functions...
-- EepQuirk (2005-03-22 11:56:50)
This page on transformations in general should overview the topics of Local vs Global transformations (and what does Reference mean?), and functions that change just one of translation, rotation, or scaling vs functions that apply multiple transformations. Any other general topics about transformations ...
-- ZenoConcord (2005-05-07 11:37:26)
Feel free to add it, Zeno! :)
-- EepQuirk (2005-05-09 11:37:26)
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