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LSL Wiki : scale

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Scale is referencing measurement of one thing against measurement of another thing. The relationship between the 2 things is scale. If the scale of an object is off, it will look too big or small in relation to surrounding objects. Keeping object scales consistent will reduce disorientation and awkwardness while moving among them. Many SL avatars tend to be way too tall (6.5'+). -That seems to be a personal comment there, since people (like myself) are actually over 6'5" in RL :)

Scale, represented as a vector, is another way of saying "stretch" (as in the editor window), "size", or "dimensions", at least in the context of SL.


Function Description
llGetPrimitiveParams get prim scale (among other things)
llSetPrimitiveParams set prim scale (among other things)
llGetScale get prim scale
llSetScale set prim scale
llGetTextureScale get texture scale
llParticleSystem set particle start/end scale
llScaleTexture scale texture
llSetTextureAnim set texture animation scale (among other things)


changed - can detect when scale (among other things) is changed

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