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LSL Wiki : texturing_sides

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Texturing Sides

Texturing sides/faces (particularly on hollowed, advanced-cut prims) so they all look the same can be annoying (and is possibly a bug).

Be sure "Stretch Textures" is checked in the edit object dialog box or the UV repeats will get screwed up whenever the prim is resized or its hollow amount changed.

Rotated textures will require different UV offsets. Perhaps a formula can be derived for finding these exact repeats/offsets.

Primitive Hollow Amount Hollow Type Texture Settings
Box X default/Square U Repeat: 4 / X
U Offset: Varies (.5@50/25, .606@95, .939@45)
Torus 95 default/Circle U Repeat: 2.1 - U Offset: .55
Torus 70 Square U Repeat: 2.87 - U Offset: .93
Cylinder 95 default/Circle U Repeat: 1.05 - U Offset: 0

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