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LSL Wiki : radian

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A radian is a measurement of angle based upon a fundamental property of circles. Its unit is that angle where the amount of circumference subtended is equal to the radius of that circle (which turns out to be 57.296 degrees). There are 2 * PI radians in a circle (360 degrees).

Although degrees are more commonly used in day-to-day references, radians are more common in computer- and science-related tasks. All LSL functions that require angles use radians but SL's object editor uses degrees in the rotation fields.

Radians are most commonly used in conjunction with PI. One full circle (360 degrees) equals 2 * PI (TWO_PI) radians, one half-circle (180 degrees) equals PI and 90 degrees equals one-half of PI (PI_BY_TWO).

Conversion from radians to degrees, and vice versa, is easy with the constants RAD_TO_DEG and DEG_TO_RAD.

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