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LSL Wiki : ObjectType

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Object Types

There are 4 object types in Second Life that have constant names: AGENT, ACTIVE, PASSIVE, and SCRIPTED. (Note that the meaning of "object type" here has no relation with types of values.)

When using a function like llDetectedType, the return value will be an integer with any valid object type constants ORed together.

AGENT indicates an agent, ACTIVE indicates a physical object(*), PASSIVE indicates a non-physical object and SCRIPTED indicates the presence of a script (though scripts in attachments on agents don't seem to trigger this).

Agents always return AGENT, or AGENT & ACTIVE when moving. Objects return PASSIVE if they're not moving, regardless of whether or not they have physics enabled. Moving physical objects return ACTIVE, scripted objects return PASSIVE & SCRIPTED, and scripted physical objects return ACTIVE & SCRIPTED.

Case: Returns AGENT: Returns ACTIVE: Returns PASSIVE: Returns SCRIPTED:
Agent standing still YES NO NO NO
Agent moving YES YES NO NO
Agent with scripted attachments YES NO NO NO
Agent sitting on a prim YES NO YES NO
Non-physical object NO NO YES NO
Scripted Non-physical object NO NO NO YES
Physical object standing still NO NO YES NO
Physical object moving NO YES NO NO
Scripted Physical object standing still NO NO YES YES
Scripted Physical object moving NO YES NO YES

Since multiple values can be returned by functions relating to object type, code like this won't work:

if (llDetectedType(i) == AGENT)

So use a test like:

if (llDetectedType(i) & AGENT)

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