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In general terms, local (vs. global) describes something specific to a small, localized area. In LSL something can be local to script's scope or to a rotation axis' local coordinates.

local variable
event handlers

script | scope | global | rotation
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I don't think it is useful to conflate the use of local variables with local coordinates. Sure they are about being "local" to some context, but this page and the global page are otherwise useless.
-- ZenoConcord (2005-08-27 20:38:51)
Usefulness is relative; this page is QUITE useful; you simply can't relate to its usefulness. <shrug>
-- EepQuirk (2005-08-30 03:04:17)
Another user bows to Eep's superior reasoning...

I agree with Zeno, this is pretty much useless.
-- KeknehvPsaltery (2005-08-30 14:42:01)
To make it useful, do a more proper abstraction of the term. Or maybe just reference an external general definition e.g. or
-- ZenoConcord (2005-08-30 20:10:07)
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