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LSL Wiki : llModifyLand

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llModifyLand(integer action, integer size)

This is a general-purpose terraforming function used to modify the shape of land. It will not work while the agent is offline or outside of the sim containing the script.

action Value Description
LAND_LEVEL 0 Levels the terrain with each call, raising it up to the current height of the object's center (even if already level). To level terrain at a position lower than the current ground level, the terrain needs to be lowered using LAND_LOWER first, because the object cannot be placed under ground with scripted functions (llSetPos).
LAND_RAISE 1 Raises the terrain with each call, up to the current height of the object's center.
LAND_LOWER 2 Lowers the terrain with each call, down to zero height.
LAND_SMOOTH 3 Smooths the terrain.
LAND_NOISE 4 Randomizes (adds noise to) the terrain.
LAND_REVERT 5 Revert terrain to state.

size Value Description
LAND_SMALL_BRUSH 1 small brush (2m x 2m)
LAND_MEDIUM_BRUSH 2 medium brush (4m x 4m)
LAND_LARGE_BRUSH 3 large brush (8m x 8m)

To measure the height of the ground, use llGround.


Q: Rather than using llDie in the above example, would it work if you set object status to DIE_AT_EDGE?
A: Yes, setting DIE_AT_EDGE to TRUE and STATUS_RETURN_AT_EDGE to FALSE should make the object die.

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