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LSL Wiki : llGetStatus

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integer llGetStatus(integer status)

Returns the value of status, which will be one of the following constants:

Flag Value Default Description
STATUS_BLOCK_GRAB 64 FALSE If TRUE, object can't be grabbed and physically dragged.
STATUS_DIE_AT_EDGE 128 FALSE If TRUE, objects that reach the edge of the world just die rather than returning to the owner's inventory.
STATUS_PHANTOM 16 FALSE If TRUE, object doesn't collide with other objects.
STATUS_PHYSICS 1 FALSE If TRUE, object moves physically.
STATUS_RETURN_AT_EDGE 256 FALSE If set, objects created with llRezObject will be returned to inventory instead of deleted when going off-world; overrides STATUS_DIE_AT_EDGE. (128)
STATUS_ROTATE_X 2 TRUE If FALSE, object doesn't rotate around local X axis.
STATUS_ROTATE_Y 4 TRUE If FALSE, object doesn't rotate around local Y axis.
STATUS_ROTATE_Z 8 TRUE If FALSE, object doesn't rotate around local Z axis.
STATUS_SANDBOX 32 FALSE If TRUE, object can't cross region boundaries or move more than 10 meters from its start location.

Note: Trying to get multiple status flags at the same time by OR'ing them will return only the value of the status in the most significant bit requested, ignoring the values in lesser bits. If you need more than one, do it one at a time.

integer physics_on = llGetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS); // this will return TRUE if STATUS_PHYSICS == TRUE.

See also llSetStatus and llGetPrimitiveParams.

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