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LSL Wiki : llDetectedSex

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THIS IS NOT A REAL FUNCTION (ya, we wish it was)
* Indeed, since gender turns out to impact things like optimal placement llSitTarget for sit animations.

integer llDetectedSex(integer num)

Returns the sex for the agent "num" detected.
0 for male.
1 for female.

If the object is not an AGENT, llDetectedSex will still return a 1 or a 0. Prims aparently are not unisex.
This begs the question of where do prims come from? Is deleting them genocide?
The Mother Prim? Maybe the deleted prims will goes back to the Great Prim? :P

Q: Would a massive cleanup of temp_on_rez objects be considered "primocide"?
A: I don't think so, i believe that it is justified since they were marked for death since birth; they were destined to die. But the better question: "Is it right to sentance a prim to a short, temp_on_rez, life?" -- BW

Q: "Is Prim Torture legal?"

Caused some controversy at its introduction. Some made the reasonable argument that this function should have been llDetectedGender, and that it didn't say much about sex at all. Some took exception to the notion that men were "FALSE." Others predictably considered the function's introduction a confirmation of endemic shallowness. Still others demanded a corresponding llDetectedSexualPreference be created.

May be implemented by 2.10.9b but not yet implemented as of 1.8.3

btw jk, I was just playing with the sandbox and aparently created this page

Actually, Woudln't it make more since to use 0 for female and 1 for male, They look more anatomically correct - ChadStatosky
That would require LSL to make more sense than it does - Ice
I'm just noticing how with this current setup (female > male)... I suppose this is some sort of statement? - AakanaarLaSalle
I think all it says, for bits, that women turn them on. - BW"
"I suspect it's a feminist thing. OMG DON'T SAY MALE > FEMALE. IT'S MUCH BETTER TO SAY FEMALE > MALE"
"Actually, the female prims wanted to be == with the male prims, but when LL treated them that way the function became useless and they complained, so they're now > male prims." -Kyle Hayashi

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(This page is a joke)
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