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LSL Wiki : llDeleteSubString

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string llDeleteSubString(string source, integer start, integer end)

Returns a copy of source with the indicated substring removed. The source is unaltered.

The start and end are inclusive, so 0, length - 1 would return an empty string and 0,0 would delete the first character. Using negative numbers for start and/or end causes the index to count backwards from the length of the string, so 0, -1 would delete the entire string. If start is larger than end the substring is the exclusion of the entries, so 6, 4 would delete the entire string except for the 5th character.

This function is relatively slow.

Compare to llGetSubString.

string test = "Example";

llSay(0, llDeleteSubString(test, 2, 5)); // outputs "Exe", deletes charaters 2 - 5 "ampl"

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