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Lindogram (abbreviated Lg) is a name, made up by one of us non-Lindens, for the units of mass returned by llGetMass and llGetObjectMass. The official SL documentation does not specify the units returned by these functions, and Wiki articles often assume that the returned values represent kilograms. But if the values were kilograms, SL matter would be about 100 times less dense than its RL conterpart.

Given the use of Standard International units elsewhere in SL, one has to wonder if the programmer who first implemented llGetMass intended to use kilograms as the unit, but made a mistake when converting the density of water (1 gram per cubic centimeter) to kilograms per cubic meter. Once done, changing the units would break every script that used physics, so it would have been less disruptive to just not specify the units.

So geocentrism is okay, but SL matter being a hundred times less dense than real matter isn't? --gabe

Not exactly geocentrism as we're not its center as such, but anyhow:P The sun thing is just an odd fact of life, the mass thing is a more direct confusing thing when you interpret or want to understand what you are doing. My take, anyway.

Yes, if you are scripting something physical and you want to apply any of your RL intuition, it's important not to think of the mass units as kilograms. It would probably be easiest if the Lindens simply said that the units returned by llGetMass are 100 kg.

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