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A ghost is an object or avatar that is visible to a user on the user's screen, but that doesn't actually exist on the SL servers. It happens when the SL client doesn't get a command from the simulator to remove the object or avatar.

Attachments can also ghost--or not even rez at all ("anti-ghosting"). According to Vektor Linden, a "good way to force attachments to rez is to put a simple script in them...scripted items have priority for rezzing."

Ghosts can also occur when the sim has crashed (or is frozen) and the user hasen't been logged out of SL.

A ghost will then have "Retrieving..." in its tooltip and, when selected in edit mode, will never display its name, owner, or permissions information. To get rid of a ghosted object, select and drag it offscreen with the position handles. (If a user doesn't have permission to move it, the user must relog or teleport to get rid of it.)

A ghosted object/attachment can be edited (if a user has permission) but its changes won't be saved and it can't be detached or taken into inventory.

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