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LSL Wiki : UserInterface

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User Interface

A user interface (UI, or GUI: graphical user interface) is how you, the user, controls software. A user interface can include dialog boxes, windows (like the script editor's), buttons (push, radio, spinner), checkboxes, menus (pull-down, pie menus), tooltips, etc.

These functions communicate information to the user by using the SL client's features itself (not the world's) or via chat/IM:

A user interface provides means of:

* Input, allowing the users to manipulate a system
* Output, allowing the system to indicate the effects of the users' manipulation.


Function Description
llDialog Produces a dialog box with text and up to 12 buttons.
llSetSitText Changes the "Sit Here" text on the right-click pie menu.
llSetTouchText Changes the "Touch" text on the right-click pie menu.

Heads-Up Display

Introduced in SL 1.7, HUDs or Heads-Up Displays allow the creation of custom user interface elements. See HUD.


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