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A user ("resident") is the piece-of-meat-based hardware (and the software running on it) that attempts to operate the computer on which the Second Life client runs. A user is represented on the server as an agent and within the world of SL by an avatar.

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-- ChristopherOmega (2004-01-15 22:37:23)
Shouldn't you bu using the term fleshware? :P It's a valid term to a lot of people.
-- SevenEightTwo (2005-08-24 09:57:05)
-- SiobhanTaylor (2007-06-24 15:36:04)
I AGREE with the term FLESHWARE......
-- (2007-08-09 07:26:13)
I'm reminded of a definition of human from ST:TNG: "Ugly bags of mostly water." :-)
-- KailenJuran (2007-12-14 13:58:15)
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