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LSL Wiki : TreadWhiplash

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TreadWhiplash - aka "Noel Wade" in RL. Quirky programmer. Games-Industry Veteran (Sierra /

Nature-TV commentator Voice:

"Normally docile, this nomadic animal is usually social and amorous around others. Anthropologists suggest a capability not only to use tools, but to help others craft their own! Stubborn when confronted, this creature is slow to anger; but can turn ugly and become solitary when its hackles are raised. Quite rare in the wild, its a treat to see such an odd specimen today..."

Spender of large amount of cash on expensive hobbies like Auto-racing, Mtn. Biking, Sky-Diving, etc... which explains why he is always broke (both in SL and in RL).

Notable Wiki bits:

"Offset Rotations" - see the rotation page and comments on the llSetRot() page.
"Operator Shortcuts" - see the binary operators page.
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