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LSL Wiki : Telehub

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When teleporting across the Life grid, you may arrive at the telehub nearest to your destination rather than teleporting directly to it. For example, if you want to teleport to the sim Dore, you first teleport to the telehub in Ahern then fly to Dore. Teleportation begins at any point in the world but ends only at a telehub (except when you accept a point-to-point teleport offer from another player). You do not need to be at a telehub to initiate teleportation.

Telehubs were created to encourage directed community growth. According to Linden theory, telehubs will become population centers and population density will decrease with distance from the hub. Eventually "urban" and "rural" areas will develop. This theory has yet to be proved or disproved and likely will remain undecided for some time because of the slow process of settlement and resettlement of pre-telehub properties.


During beta, and for some time after launch, teleportation cost a fee based on distance and was point-to-point.

There is nothing special about a telehub. Typically, the mechanism is a cube prim with a descriptive name and no script. You can find the single prim that is the actual telehub in some of the new private island sims that do not yet have telehub structures. Apparantly, the system is hard-coded and the UUID (key) of the prim used to determine the telehub location.

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