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This is page is available for people who teach scripting in SL to list themselves. Please do so in alphabetical order by first name (or by group name if it's a group teaching system).

Note to users: These people are essentially advertising their services - but doing so to help you learn scripting. They may well charge for their services or similar. They are not quality controlled at this end, so caveat emptor.

If you are looking for a quick answer to a question, you might want to try ScriptingMentors instead. This is intended for people that run classes at pre-agreed times.

NameStyle of teachingTopics coveredTimes available (SL time)Course timesOffline IMs
Dirty McLean 30min or 1hr sessions. Group rates available. Any topic from basic to advanced, including project consultation. Often Upon Request YES
Eloise Pasteur1:1 or small group mainly. Classes usually about 90m each.I teach a basic scripting course from no knowledge to working ability to make scripts.
I will also teach specific skills to those wishing to extend their knowledge.
Classes start before 10am SL Time (avoids local evening)Negotiated with learner YES
ViceroLambert private/group tutoring in one-hour sessions. Classes:Communication Scripts; Tutoring: N/A Random Check events for classes NO
Zion Tristan Free Public Classes for beginners. Is open to doing private classes, depending on complexity. Classes: Mainly gadgets, simple scripts, 1 script items. Majority of the day 1pm every Thursday at GQ Start YES
Austin Zon Free introductory scripting classes for TEEN SECOND LIFE. The basics; but can dive into more complex stuff. I'm usually online :) No specific time set YES
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