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LSL Wiki : ReduxDengaku

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Anonymous: "You don't need to reinvent the wheel."
Redux: "You do when all the wheels are square."

If you don't already know me, I'm Redux. I have a deep appreciation for untangling knots, Rubik's Cubes, and turning complexity into simplicity.

SL is my full time RL job and I'm the CEO of Redux Technologies, which is publicly traded on the WSE and valued at over a quarter million USD by shareholders, so don't ask me to differentiate between RL and SL, because I'm not even sure I know the difference anymore.

I'm always happy to help out fellow scripters in planning out projects. If you IM me with a question in SL, I'm more than happy to reply, but I get a huge volume of IM's so you might not get a reply immediately. I'm going to use this space here to assemble a collection of "tricks" that I've found useful/helpful in certain situations where LSL is lacking, so check this space for updates!

LibraryReduxOneLineDoor ~ A working, linkable door, thats only 1 (albeit confusing) line of code.
LibraryDualTimers ~ How to run 2 different timers at the same time
LibrarySiRiSInABox ~ If SiRiS is unavailable, try using this!
LibraryWarpPos ~ A broken function
LibraryWarpPosFix ~ A working function
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