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LSL Wiki : LibraryWarpPosFix

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As long as warpPos remains broken, there needs to be a fix. I've tried posting the temporary fix on the warpPos page, but it keeps getting torn down with egotistical comments like "THIS IS NOT THE SAME FUNCTION" or "YOU ARE SULLYING THE BEAUTY OF WARPPOS!". Meanwhile people still don't have working teleporters, and don't know how to fix them.

For whatever reason the people who run this site like to make things difficult and suppressing knowledge, so this page may not stay up for very long. If you value free sharing of knowledge, copy this code and put it elsewhere, because it sure isn't valued here. People are trying to hide the code from you and force you to suffer in the darkness.

P.S., I'm not writing code for lslwiki anymore. Next time something breaks, I'm posting the fix on rpgstats or directly on my website. Wiki's are about sharing information and making it available, not about suppressing it so you can waggle your balls about how good an idea you had 2 years ago is.

//1.13.3 (2) fix by Redux
//Optimized by SiRiS & Talarus
warpPos(vector d)  //This function is not warpPos
    if (d.z > 768) {d.z = 768;}     
    integer s = (integer)(llVecMag(d-llGetPos())/10)+1; //The number of jumps necessary     
        llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_POSITION, d]);
    } while (--s);
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