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LSL Wiki : Particles

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Particles are generated, free-floating, non-object (sprites) visual effects that can simulate blood, dust, explosions, fire/flames, gas, smoke, sparks, spray, steam, waterfalls, waves, weather, etc. Particle generation is entirely client-side and does not contribute to sim load directly (although if particle functions are updated frequently, they will increase sim load--as will all functions, of course). Because clients are typically configured to render up to 4096 particles by default (configurable in preferences and increasable in settings.ini), care must be taken to generate a minimal number of particles in most situations. 10 objects generating 1000 particles per second would, for example, prevent others in the vicinity from using the particle system for their own builds.

Currently, there's only one particle function that should be used: llParticleSystem

These older functions still work, but have been deprecated, and will be removed at some point in March/April 2007. Use llParticleSystem instead.

Some generalised particle scripts can be found in the Script Library
There is also a companion Particle Library for specific examples

For a better guide, have a look at:

Functions | Deprecated Functions
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