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LSL Wiki : Math

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These math functions deal with floats and integers. For vector and quaternion (rotation) math functions, see their respective pages. For an in-depth explanation of the actual math behind these functions, check out Wolfram's Mathworld.

Function Description
llAbs Returns the absolute value of integer.
llAcos Returns the arccosine of input.
llAsin Returns the arcsine of input.
llAtan2 Returns the arctangent of input.
llCeil Rounds float up to integer.
llCos Returns the cosine of input.
llFabs Returns the absolute value of float.
llFloor Rounds float down to integer.
llFrand Returns a random float between 0 and input.
llListStatisticsVarious statistical functions on a list of numbers.
llLog Returns the base e (natural) logarithm of input.
llLog10 Returns the base 10 (common) logarithm of input.
llModPow Returns a raised to the b power, mod c.
llPow Returns the value of input, raised to exponent.
llRound Rounds float input to the nearest integer.
llSin Returns the sine of input.
llSqrt Returns square root of input.
llTan Returns tangent of input.

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