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LSL Wiki : llListStatistics

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float llListStatistics(integer operation, list input)

This function allows a script to perform a statistical operation as defined by operation on a list composed of integers and floats.

This function returns a float, so using llRound, llCeil, or llFloor might be more desirable in order to provide a cleaner output from this function.

Statistical Operation Value Effect
LIST_STAT_RANGE 0 Returns the range.
LIST_STAT_MIN 1 Retrieves the smallest number.
LIST_STAT_MAX 2 Retrieves the largest number.
LIST_STAT_MEAN 3 Retrieves the mean (average).
LIST_STAT_MEDIAN 4 Retrieves the median number.
LIST_STAT_STD_DEV 5 Calculates the standard deviation.
LIST_STAT_SUM 6 Calculates the sum.
LIST_STAT_SUM_SQUARES 7 Calculates the sum of the squares.
LIST_STAT_NUM_COUNT 8 Retrieves the amount of float and integer elements. Theoretically similar to llGetListLength, except LL states that this function ignores all non-integer and non-float elements. Therefore, this is a useful tool for mixed lists of numbers and non-numbers.
LIST_STAT_GEOMETRIC_MEAN 9 Calculates the geometric mean. All numbers must be greater than zero for this to work, according to LL.

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