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LSL Wiki : GroupObjects

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Group-Owned Objects

"Group" in this case refers to user groups (as in Liaisons, Instructors, etc), not linked objects. However, there are some interesting LSL things to note about objects which have been deeded to a group.

To deed an object to a group:

Scripts run in group-owned objects give the group key as the owner (llGetOwner == groupkey). There are issues with functions that require permissions (ie permissions only an owner can grant).

Group | Object
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As far as I remember, we could deed objects to a group since 1.2. Could even be 1.1?
-- GarthFairlight (2004-09-27 00:52:18)
I'm pretty sure the deed button is new. In the past you could "Share with group" but i don't think the group could own the object. My advice to LL is to tread lightly, they haven't though through this feature.
-- BlindWanderer (2004-09-28 12:50:13)
You have most definatly been able to deed to group for a long time now.
-- AmaOmega (2004-09-28 21:51:05)
~_~ never saw it before, did i just wake up to the feature? I knew you could deed land... the button is new right? If it is new how did you do it in the past?
-- BlindWanderer (2004-09-30 00:38:23)
Nope, the button has always been there.
-- AmaOmega (2004-09-30 22:07:18)
oh wow, wonder why i never saw it before ^_^'.
My preliminary tests showed group objects don't cause entries in the PvP abuse window.
-- BlindWanderer (2004-10-01 03:51:44)
thanks for the tip BW ;) ~ I just leveled up ! My Grief Skill level is now 5!
-- MaxCase (2005-06-15 16:33:49)
I'm updating the page. This must have changed, as this simple example works in my group deeded object:

default {

state_entry() {

touch(integer n) {
llGiveInventory(llDetectedKey(0), llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_NOTECARD, 0));

-- CaligulaIndependent (2007-01-08 04:42:57)
They recently added support for group objects to interact with inventory; this page wasn't updated at that time... I'll update it now since no else has.
-- BlindWanderer (2007-01-08 19:26:14)
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