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LSL Wiki : llParseStringKeepNulls

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list llParseStringKeepNulls(string src, list separators, list spacers)

llParseStringKeepNulls works almost exactly the same as llParseString2List, except that if a null is found it will add a null string instead of discarding it like llParseString2List does.
llParseString2List("Blah||Foo", ["|"], []) = ["Blah", "Foo"]
llParseStringKeepNulls("Blah||Foo", ["|"], []) = ["Blah", "", "Foo"]
Question: Is it supposed to produce a list of length 1 when "" is passed as src? llGetListLength(llParseListKeepNulls("", ["]_["], [])) returned 1... is this the correct behavior?
Answer:I believe that to be the correct behavior since it has always answered that way.
Answer: Yes, it is. "" is an empty (null) string.

llDumpList2String: performs the opposite function

See also llCSV2List and ExampleListConversion.

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