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LSL Wiki : llLoopSoundSlave

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llLoopSoundSlave(string sound, float volume)

Loops sound indefinitely. sound is a UUID of a sound file, or the name of a sound file if the sound file is in task's inventory. volume is a float between 0 and 1 which defines the volume to play the sound at. If volume is > 1, it is set to 1.

llLoopSoundSlave() can be stopped using llStopSound().
The volume of sounds started with llLoopSoundSlave can be adjusted using llAdjustSoundVolume.

Behavior is identical to llLoopSound, unless there is a "sync master" present. If a sync master is already playing (using llLoopSoundMaster) the slave sound will begin playing from the same point the master is in its loop synchronizing the loop points of both sounds. If a sync master is started when the slave is already playing, the slave will skip to the correct position to sync with the master.

Note: this does not cause sound to play once every time the sync master plays; it only causes sound to start looping at the beginning of a sync master loop, sound then loops normally (that is, as soon as it ends, it starts again).

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