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LSL Wiki : llListInsertList

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list llListInsertList(list dest, list src, integer pos)

Returns the list created by inserting src into dest at pos.
Note that if pos is greater then the length of dest, the list returned is src appended onto the end of dest. To avoid that behavior, create a wrapper function that appends pos - llGetListLength(dest) empty elements onto the end of dest before passing dest to llListInsertList.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This function does not directly manipulate the list you pass as dest. To manipulate dest, set dest equal to the return value of this function.

list dest = ["A", "B", "C"];
list src = ["X", "Y", "Z"];
llListInsertList(dest, src, 1);
// ^^^ After this line, dest is still ["A", "B", "C"].

dest = llListInsertList(dest, src, 1);
// ^^^ After this line, dest is ["A", "X", "Y", "Z", "B", "C"];

Speed tip:
If you need to insert elements into a list at the beginning of the list, here's a speed tip:
list myList = ["A", "B", "C"];
list newElements = ["9"];

// Instead of: myList = llListInsertList(myList, newElements, 0);
// Use this:
myList = newElements + myList;

Compare with llDeleteSubList.

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