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LSL Wiki : llGetRegionFlags

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integer llGetRegionFlags()

Returns a bitfield specifying the region flags (REGION_FLAG_*) for the region the object is in.

Flag Hex Value Description
REGION_FLAG_ALLOW_DAMAGE 0x1 1 if a region is entirely damage enabled
REGION_FLAG_FIXED_SUN 0x10 16 if a region has a fixed sun position
REGION_FLAG_BLOCK_TERRAFORM 0x40 64 if a region terraforming disabled
REGION_FLAG_SANDBOX 0x100 256 if a region is a sandbox
REGION_FLAG_DISABLE_COLLISIONS 0x1000 4096 if a region has disabled collisions
REGION_FLAG_DISABLE_PHYSICS 0x4000 16384 if a region has disabled physics
REGION_FLAG_BLOCK_FLY 0x80000 524288 if a region blocks flying
REGION_FLAG_ALLOW_DIRECT_TELEPORT 0x100000 1048576 if a region allows direct teleports.
REGION_FLAG_RESTRICT_PUSHOBJECT 0x400000 4194304 if a region restricts llPushObject

Parcel settings may override the region's settings. llGetParcelFlags can be used to determine these settings on a parcel-by-parcel basis.

integer region_flags = llGetRegionFlags();
if (region_flags & REGION_FLAG_ALLOW_DAMAGE)
   llOwnerSay("This region is damage enabled!");

if (region_flags & REGION_FLAG_FIXED_SUN)
   llOwnerSay("This regions sun doesn't move!");

   llOwnerSay("This region does not allow terraforming!");

if (region_flags & REGION_FLAG_SANDBOX)
   llOwnerSay("This region is a sandbox!");

   llOwnerSay("This region currently blocks non-agent collisions!");

   llOwnerSay("This region currently blocks all physics!");

if (region_flags & REGION_FLAG_BLOCK_FLY)
   llOwnerSay("This region blocks flying!");

   llOwnerSay("This region follows P2P rules!");
} else {
   llOwnerSay("This region uses a telehub!");

   llOwnerSay("This region restricts llPushObject!");

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