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LSL Wiki : llGetParcelPrimCount

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integer llGetParcelPrimCount(vector pos, integer category, integer sim_wide)

Returns the number of prims used on the parcel at pos which are in category.

If sim_wide is TRUE, it returns the number of objects for the entire sim in the category specified, for parcels owned by this parcel's owner.
If sim_wide is FALSE, it returns the number of objects on this specific parcel in the category specified

Values for category:
Category Value Meaning
PARCEL_COUNT_TOTAL 0 All prims on the parcel(s). Does not include temp on rez objects.
PARCEL_COUNT_OWNER 1 Prims owned by the parcel owner.
PARCEL_COUNT_GROUP 2 Prims not owned by the owner, but set to or owned by the group of the parcel.
PARCEL_COUNT_OTHER 3 Prims not set to group or owned by the owner.
PARCEL_COUNT_SELECTED 4 All prims selected or sat on.
PARCEL_COUNT_TEMP 5 All temp on rez objects.

Added in SL 1.12.4; released in 1.13.0

This function seems to work only for agents who could see this information anyways. Can someone who owns land please test this and fix anything which is missing or incorrect? -- KeknehvPsaltery

Q: I've encountered a problem, if i do llGetParcelPrimCount( llGetPos(), PARCEL_COUNT_OWNER, FALSE ) + llGetParcelPrimCount( llGetPos(), PARCEL_COUNT_GROUP, FALSE ) + llGetParcelPrimCount( llGetPos(), PARCEL_COUNT_OTHER, FALSE ), it does NOT match llGetParcelPrimCount( llGetPos(), PARCEL_COUNT_TOTAL, FALSE )
Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
-- Christophe003 Carter

A: PARCEL_COUNT_TOTAL includes the count returned by PARCEL_COUNT_SELECTED also, so subtract llGetParcelPrimCount( llGetPos(), PARCEL_COUNT_SELECTED, FALSE ) from llGetParcelPrimCount( llGetPos(), PARCEL_COUNT_TOTAL, FALSE )

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