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LSL Wiki : llEscapeURL

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string llEscapeURL(string url)

Returns the string that is the URL-escaped version of url (replacing spaces with %20, etc).
This function returns the UTF-8 encoded escape codes for selected characters.

Only numbers and ASCII letters are not escaped: [^0-9a-zA-Z]

As of 1.9.0(21) this function only returns a string with 254 characters, this is unacceptable. If all your characters need escaping then this will only allow the user to work with 84 bytes. If those 84 bytes represent 6byte characters (top of the UTF-8 range) then you will only be able to decode 14 characters.- BW
As of 1.18.3(5) the above still applies. - KeikoRau
As of, the function returns more than 254 characters - GwynethLlewelyn

WARNING: This function only encodes to a total length of 254 characters. If you are trying to send more data via an HTTP request, consider putting that data into the body of the HTTP request and using a shorter URL.

See llUnescapeURL.

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