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LSL Wiki : llDetectedTouchUV

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llDetectedTouchUV(integer index)

Returns a vector that is the texture coordinates for where the prim was touched. The x & y vector positions contain the u & v face coordinates respectively (<u, v, 0.0>).

NOTE: If you know about llDetectedTouchUV, please share your knowledge.
--Ace Reikaz

Example script:
    touch_start(integer total_number)
        vector UV = llDetectedTouchUV(0);
        float U = UV.x;
        float V = UV.y;
        // Now you can report U and V separately, or you can compare them separately with IF statements.
        // You of course do not need to store the vector components to separate variables,
        // you can access them from the vector that used as an intermediate.
        llOwnerSay((string)U + (string)V);
//integer clamp(vector min, vector max, vector in) { if (in.x < min.x) return false; if (in.y < min.y) return false; if (in.x > max.x) return false; if (in.x > max.y) return false; return true; }
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