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LSL Wiki : llAllowInventoryDrop

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llAllowInventoryDrop(integer add)

If add is true, all users, even those who do not have modify permissions, can drop inventory items onto the object. If add is false the system forbids all users except those with modify permissions from dropping items onto the object.

The changed event handler is called with the CHANGED_ALLOWED_DROP flag when an item is dropped onto the object by a user that does not have modify permission. CHANGED_INVENTORY is passed to changed if someone with modify permission dropped the item.

To drop an inventory item onto/into an object, hold the Control key while dragging any inventory item onto the object (the object you're about to drop your item onto will be highlighted with a red frame). But for notecard drop, there is no need to hold the control key. Just drag and drop your notecard on which the object will be highlighted with a white frame.

Note: If you declare llAllowInventoryDrop in the root prim of a linkset and then drop a texture onto a child, it will go into the child's inventory, NOT the parents. This is odd, as every other object will go to the parent's inventory.

The exception are scripts, attempting to drop a script onto an object which allows inventory drops will cause the object to shout "Not permitted to edit this!".

    changed(integer mask)
            llWhisper(0, "My inventory has changed");

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