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LSL Wiki : LindenDollar

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Linden Dollar

A Linden dollar (L$, "LindenBucks", or "Lindens") is the monetary currency used in Second Life.

As of March 17, 2006, the current exchange rate is approximately L$281 per USD$1.00, or about USD$3.50 for L$1,000. Because of the state of the economy, the exchange rate is constantly changing. See the LindeX currency exchange for current market rates.

llGetPermissions Determine whether the permission PERMISSION_DEBIT has been granted.
llGiveMoney Pay L$ from the owner's account to another user. (Requires PERMISSION_DEBIT be granted.)
llRequestPermissions Request the permission PERMISSION_DEBIT.
llSetPayPrice Set the values of the "Quick Pay" buttons in the "Pay" dialog box.

When an object is paid money, the money() event is triggered.

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