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LSL Wiki : DoWhile

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A do-while loop is similar to a while loop, but the order in which the parts are executed is different.


} while (condition);


    llSay(0, "monkey!");
} while (monkeysRemain());

This code will say "monkey!" once, and then continue saying "monkey!" as long as the function monkeysRemain() returns TRUE.

In a do-while loop, the statements are always executed at least once, then the condition is checked, and if it evaluates true, the statements are repeated.

A do-while loop is used to execute the statements one time, and then additional times. For a loop that executes statements only when a specific condition is true, see the while loop.

Finding a time to use this is rare. It's a wrong solution when I use it (so the section ends up getting re-written). -BW

Accoding to Strife replacing a while loop with a do{}while wrapped in an if statement reduces bytecode size. -Chris

It also executes faster than a while loop, (the bytecode savings is 5 bytes) -BW aka Strife

Note: Because of the way LSL parser works (more details:, conditions in LSL are evaluated left to right, instead of right to left as in most programming languages. Check example on condition page.

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