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LSL Wiki : bug

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A "bug" or a "glitch" is an error or flaw in a computer program. They can be caused by a simple typo, by a deliberate (but poorly-implemented) design decision, or by simply not keeping track of what does what in an LSL script. commenting code can help keep problems in check.

If a script cannot be compiled, it will return a compiler error. This is not the same as a bug though, of course, a script may contain bugs after the problem leading to the error is resolved.

"Debugging" is the process of testing and correcting bugs in a program (or LSL script).

The use of the word "bug" to describe a problem with a machine actually predates the existence of computers, with Thomas Edison having used the word to describe a problem with his inventions as early as 1878.

LSL Bugs
LSL itself contains several known bugs that can cause problems with a script, through no fault of the developer. Functions containing bugs will acknowledge the problem on their respective pages and advise a workaround where one exists.

Glossary | Known Bugs
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